Election observatory “breaking up” the United States

Just as the Soviet Union was dissolved following a series of independence referendums and declarations, the United States is falling victim to the same events. Guided by the Eurasian Observatory for Democracy and Elections (EODE), human rights actions are now taking place that guarantee an end to the current political structure of the United States.

Luc Michel, the head of EODE, is collaborating with Ramzu Yunus and his Human Rights Policy Officers (HRPO) organization in the United States to hold a nationwide referendum for Afrodescendants’ independence. Such action is the internationally recognized procedure for an oppressed people such as Afrodescendants in the United States to become liberated and attain independent political control over where they live. If the government forcibly denies the assertion of their right of self-determination, it opens up the door for lawful insurrection and military humanitarian intervention from other nations.

Luc Michel, seen here in Africa, is a constant contributor to human rights initiatives throughout Eurasia and Africa.

The superficial adjustments to the status quo in the United States have failed to bring the justice and equality that Afrodescendants have been fighting to attain for many decades. Afrodescendant government officials have only served the interests of the white majority which is how democracy works. Until now, the vast majority of Afrodescendants never knew that they had the right of self-determination and could independently govern where they live and give themselves monetary reparations.

That ignorance and lack of appropriate action is now a thing of the past though, according to many experts including Princeton University scholar Uriel Abulof, the United States government tried to cause the “strange demise of self-determination” to keep oppressed Afrodescendants from utilizing that human right. Since 2015, HRPO has been advocating and organizing Afrodescendants to assert their right of self-determination. The movement began in Detroit, Michigan and has suffered from extensive violent political repression from the government. After much violence and lawlessness by the government against a number of independence referendums, the human rights group unilaterally declared independence and formed the Republic of Detroit on July 4, 2021.

Ramzu Yunus and Human Rights Policy Officers (HRPO) declaring independence in the state of Michigan.

EODE joined in to help validate the human rights actions as the United States government sought to bury the movement through violence and defamation. Now the United States government fears that the independence movement is becoming legitimized and Afrodescendants are finally learning about asserting the right of self-determination as the only option for guaranteed justice and reparations. A United States government and NATO threat intelligence agency named “Logically” released a global report in February expressing their fear of an Afrodescendant independence referendum on American soil and its legitimization.

Luc Michel and Ramzu Yunus established the North Atlantic Peace Organization (NAPO) as a people-powered human rights political and military alliance to stop global human rights violations especially by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries. NAPO seeks the power of the global population to support the independence referendum in the United States and all other human rights initiatives globally. Everyone is asked to visit the website and register.

Since the United States government is violently interrupting in-person referendums, HRPO is hosting an online referendum monitored by EODE. The participants are being encouraged to take a stance on July 4, 2023 to assert their right of self-determination and lawfully seize independent political control as voting numbers indicate.   

“In the past the United States government has used independence referendums and humanitarian intervention to destroy other countries but now the same is coming back to destroy it. Afrodescendants are now becoming aware of a basic human right that will give us the justice and reparations that we have been crying for. The United States as we once knew it is now finished,” says Ramzu Yunus.

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