Saving Jackson From Jim Crow Via The Right of Self-Determination

The civil rights gains of the past took a turn for the worse as a white majority state legislature took control over the “Blackest city in America”. Many, including the city’s mayor, are calling it colonization, apartheid, and a return of Jim Crow.

This “colonization” took place via a bill to give White state government authorities jurisdiction over the city of Jackson, Mississippi. Political positions such as judges and prosecutors will no longer be elected by the people of Jackson but appointed by White state officials. The current city police force will lose their authority to a capitol police force with no oversight and are well known for police brutality including the recent murder of an unarmed Black man.

Though the population of Jackson is angry and calling this development an outright expression of racism and violation of democracy, there is no way to stop it within the domestic legal system. However there is a very bright light at the end of this dark tunnel that also includes a pot of gold.

Because there is no way to stop this action within the domestic legal system, the people must resort to their international human right of self-determination. By asserting this right, the people can take back jurisdiction, make housing free and take control over the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of city assets. The assets can be leveraged to grant themselves monetary reparations within a new autonomous economic system that will immediately end the city’s current economic crisis.

Human Rights Policy Officers are engaging in humanitarian intervention in Jackson to stop the crisis that has been plaguing the city for years and restore proper authority in a way that can never be usurped by the state or federal government. All it takes is a referendum asking Jackson residents if they choose to assert their right of self-determination and want the city to be independent of state and federal control and want reparations. If the majority of adult residents say yes, then Human Rights Policy Officers can unilaterally declare independence and make sure governing authority remains in the hands of the mayor and other officials who are in agreement with new progressive policies.

By executing a successful referendum, Human Rights Policy Officers can lawfully establish independence for Jackson away from federal or state control.

Human Rights Policy Officers and volunteers will be going door to door and at various venues throughout the city collecting signature votes of residents who are in agreement with this critical emergency measure. Those who want to get involved are asked to visit the website ( and call the Human Rights Law Center at 888.999.6530. A web conference is being held every Monday at 7pm CST via the following link:

One thought on “Saving Jackson From Jim Crow Via The Right of Self-Determination

  • March 26, 2023 at 6:00 pm

    Greetings People of Jackson.
    My name is Daniel Gutridge Sr.
    I’m a Human Rights Policy Officers
    I also will be one of the officers coming down to collect signatures and explain what Humanitarian Intervention is why it’s needed and how it works. Help is on the way.
    But we cannot do this alone we need your participation. (All People Have The Right Of Self-determination )


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