Free Homes For All In Detroit

Detroit is on the brink of becoming the first city to eradicate homelessness and have a majority population of homeowners. How is this possible in the first major city to go bankrupt in American history?

First of all, decent housing is a human right and even the city charter states that the people have a right to expect the government to provide that decent housing. The Detroit city charter also states that the government “recognizes its subordination to the people of Detroit.” With such control in the hands of the people it is difficult to understand why the majority of the city lives in poverty or are functionally homeless among hundreds of thousands of empty properties.

1. Detroit City government is a service institution that recognizes its subordination to the people of Detroit.
subordination = in obedience to, under the orders of

All it takes is an organized action of the people to utilize their collective inherent political power. But without such awareness of their power or knowledge of their rights, African American residents of America’s “Blackest city” will always remain in impoverished conditions.

The number one solution for the problems of Detroit residents is to simply exercise their right of self-determination. Via this right, they can simply declare independent political control away from corrupt government and policies that do not benefit the masses. They can then implement policies to give themselves the properties for free that are being sold to outsiders. Residents can also leverage city assets and give themselves monetary reparations or stimulus grants to boost local economy.

African Americans or Afrodescendants remain the only oppressed people in history that have not asserted their right of self-determination. That fact is changing now that Human Rights Policy Officers have began assisting Detroit residents to assert this right.

All it takes is the consent of the majority then free housing, reparations, exonerations, and other beneficial policies can be an overnight reality. Following international law standards, an alternative system has been established which one can learn about by visiting On the website you can register for a free home and grants then follow the simple steps that put Detroit in a new dispensation beneficial to the people.

Corrupt local government is up in arms as this new initiative is going viral on social media and on the streets of Detroit. In politics, numbers is power. The government understands the political ignorance of the majority so it has deployed the media to attack the new initiative by defaming it. The word “scam” is being tossed around in local headlines to discourage many from participating. Those who succumb to the propaganda fail to ask the simple question of: “what are we being scammed out of?”

Massive assemblies are frightening the Detroit government into taking unlawful actions of suppression.

Nothing is asked of Detroit residents to participate, not even their personal information. Human Rights Policy Officers say that the false propaganda spread by the government is expected by such human rights abusers. “Many world governments use media to influence political opinions and ultimately suppress the political will of the oppressed people. I don’t expect Detroit officials, which are well known for corruption, to be any different in a state that was labeled by a federal attorney as the most corrupt state in America” says Human Rights Policy Officer Ramzu Yunus.

Human Rights Policy Officer Ramzu Yunus speaks to the press as masses gather to assert their right of self-determination

Human Rights Policy Officers say that victory is near as they continue to attract consenting residents of Detroit. They urge the residents to continue to spread awareness of the rights that they are learning about. The group hosts a video conference ( every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night at 8pm EST to bring awareness to the public.

The human rights group has announced that on October 14, 2021, they plan to hold an assembly at the city-county building before having a mass occupation of at least 10,000 properties. With such a vigilant campaign underway, Detroit is definitely on its way to realizing full enjoyment of human rights.

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