USA/NATO governments erroneously expose how to defeat them

While urgently trying to stop an immediate threat, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) showed all opponents how to effectively defeat itself.

Often in the sport of boxing a match comes to the last round and one of the fighters is losing by so many points that me must knockout his opponent to win. The losing opponent must now swing his most powerful yet clumsiest punches at the other fighter. These kind of punches expose the fighter to getting himself easily knocked out but he is behind in points, desperate and has nothing to lose.

NATO just took a very powerful but clumsy swing at certain geopolitical and human rights activists who have them behind in points in what appears to be the last round.

A government “threat intelligence” agency named “Logically Intelligence” released a report of particular influence operations that have the potential to destroy NATO countries’ global stronghold. The report was distributed to concerned governments and global mainstream media for publication. The purpose of the report and subsequent media coverage seems to be aimed at causing these operations to be dismissed by the public as illegitimate “Kremlin-tied” propaganda in order to stop their powerful influence.

One of the reports’ focus is on the influential operations of the Belgian geopolitical activist named Luc Michel. Through various media outlets, Michel has been able to galvanize European and African support or sympathy for Russian global policy and actions. Michel established the Eurasian Observatory for Democracy and Elections (EODE) which monitors elections to assure that they are free and fair. EODE has monitored elections throughout Africa and Europe to validate their legitimacy according to international law standards. He has monitored referendums in Crimea and Donbas region of Ukraine. Michel is an advocate for the right of self-determination and enjoys assisting populations who choose to assert that human right.

Luc Michel is here participating in a conference in one of the many African countries that he promotes anti-colonialism in.

The intelligence report also focuses on an influential operation that Michel, along with Ramzu Yunus, engages in on United States soil. Ramzu Yunus is an Afrodescendant human rights activist that advocates for Afrodescendants in the United States to assert their right of self-determination and take independent political control over where they live as the solution for injustice. Yunus and his Human Rights Policy Officers organization have organized independence referendums and have suffered violent political repression from the United States government.    The organization subsequently declared independence as the Republic of Detroit. Luc Michel and the EODE have joined in support of the Republic of Detroit and the right of self-determination for Afrodescendants throughout the United States. EODE is adding legitimacy to the movement by monitoring the process and spreading global awareness that such a human rights movement exists within the borders of the United States.

Ramzu Yunus publicly declares independence in Michigan, USA as mainstream media records the moment.

Logically’s report expresses concern that Luc Michel’s campaign in Africa is disturbing NATO countries’ influence in Africa. NATO countries rely on cheap natural resources from Africa and still dominate Africa’s monetary/economic systems as well having military presence on the continent. NATO countries have always enjoyed advantageous geopolitical positioning and economic domination in Africa which some call “neocolonialism”. Michel advocates that African countries should reevaluate their lopsided relationships with the “West” and choose a mutually beneficial relationship with Russia. After all, Russia never enslaved nor colonized African people but actually gave assistance to African liberation struggles.

Now the United States government is afraid that Luc Michel’s involvement with Ramzu Yunus attracts Russian assistance and will expose the legitimacy of the Afrodescendants self-determination movement which the government tried to bury through defamation. United States government used mainstream media to call the referendum for independence a scam and a “weird sideshow” as they attempt to discourage the Afrodescendants from exercising a fundamental human right that is the most used by people to free themselves from oppression. The independence of an estimated 1200 Afrodescendant areas in the United States will be catastrophic to the governments hegemony. Former US Secretary of State Robert Lansing said about self-determination: “The phrase is simply loaded with dynamite… What a calamity that the phrase was ever uttered! What misery it will cause!”

United States national media organization NPR recently published an article about the report from Logically Intelligence writing: “..effort to create a breakaway “Republic of Detroit” in the U.S., …..garnered little attention but could serve as a blueprint for Russian-aligned efforts to influence American politics, Logically says.” The report ends by saying that Michel’s involvement with Yunus would “legitimize an independence referendum within United States territory.”

“They fear the independence referendum as did all tyrannical empires in the past including the British. Now this country, which admits that it is a product of a self-determination movement, wants to stop the most abused people in history from asserting that same human right. Afrodescendants are ignorant of their human right of self-determination and the United States government is exercising repression against those of us who advocate for asserting that right. We need the international community such as Russia to help legitimize our lawful actions and even be willing to stand in military defense against its forcible denial. If that happens then victory is certain and the United States government knows that,” says Ramzu Yunus.

Yunus and Michel formed the North Atlantic Peace Organization (NAPO) to unite the people of the world into a political and military alliance capable of protecting human rights and stopping NATO human rights violations. They state that political power is inherent in the people which naturally outnumber the few corrupt government elites that lead NATO’s human rights violating campaigns.

The simple disengagement of African countries from abusive relationships with NATO countries and the self-determination of Afrodescendants within NATO’s leader (United States) equals an immediate end of imperialism and newfound peace and prosperity in a multi-polar world. A government report that labeled these human rights actions as “disinformation” has actually “informed” their opponents how to properly defeat the reporting governments.     

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