Internal Republics stoke fear in USA

In March a fear that was reported by an United States intelligence agency came to life. The creation of a movement called the “Republic of Jackson” sprung to life causing an immediate uproar among racists in the state of Mississippi and proved the legitimacy of the worry reported earlier by United States government intelligence agencies.

On February 1, 2023 a government threat intelligence firm (Logically) released a report on the threat of Russian influence which included operations within United States borders. The report focused on the activities of Belgian activist Luc Michel and his actions worldwide which seem to be pro-Russian.

Michel is the head of the Eurasian Observatory for Democracy and Elections which observes and validates the authenticity of elections or referendums it is called to monitor. Michel has been labeled a “Russian proxy” because some of the elections or referendums that he monitors are in places that are united with Russia or having a referendum to become part of Russia. Those places include Crimea and the Donbass region of Ukraine.

Luc Michel with the leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

The intelligence report also focuses on a relationship that Michel has with Ramzu Yunus. Yunus is an African American who initiated a movement for Afrodescendant independence which started in Detroit, Michigan. The United States government expressed worry that not only could the “Republic of Detroit” be a success but that it will spread to other areas in the nation that have majority Afrodescendant populations. Their report acknowledged that such happening would destabilize the American political structure.

The United States government expressed satisfaction that their violent political repression of the movement seems to have slowed down the movement in Detroit. Now the same independence movement has surfaced in Jackson, Mississippi ( Ramzu Yunus and his organization of Human Rights Policy Officers are rallying the Afrodescendant people of Jackson to assert their right of self-determination by participating in an independence referendum. This historic action is scheduled to happen on June 25, 2023.

Ramzu Yunus instructing university students in Jackson, Mississippi about the right of self-determination and how to assert it to achieve justice.

The difference between Jackson, Mississippi and Detroit is that Detroit has a Caucasian mayor while Jackson’s mayor is an Afrodescendant who actually promotes self-determination. Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba was born into an organization that had a mission of gaining Afrodescendant independence over five southern states. The New Afrikan People’s Organization stemmed from the nationalist organization called the Republic of New Afrika. The Republic of New Afrika suffered extensive violent repression from the federal government since its founding in 1968.

Yunus is intent on seeing the aspiration of millions of Afrodescendants in America, past and present, realized with the final creation of an independent republic that is free from American oppression. Yunus stated, “it has to and will happen somewhere and at some time. Why not now in the Blackest city in the United States that was also a critical participant in the worst human rights abuse of a people in the history of this planet. A newer version of slavery continues to this day but real emancipation is about to happen.”

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