Detroiters have more rights than immigrants to seize free homes

A TikTok video that went viral should have Detroit residents in an uproar. A Venezuelan immigrant broadcast to fellow immigrants to seize the millions of empty properties throughout the United States including Detroit.

Already immigrants are being given free housing, monetary stipends, and other welfare benefits while at the same time residents of Detroit have suffered from the illegal evictions of hundreds of thousands of legal residents. Looking back at recent history, it appears that the blame is upon Detroit residents themselves or at least upon community leaders. From as far back as 2016, all Detroit residents could have been enjoying free housing with all empty properties granted to those in need.

Since 2016 human rights activist Ramzu Yunus and fellow Human Rights Policy Officers have been trying to organize African American residents to assert their right of self-determination which will give residents control over the housing. They then can occupy the empty properties for free. Asserting this human right is a lot more powerful than legal squatting as the TikTok video advocated.

Numerous times, such as July 4, 2016 and July 4, 2018, tens of thousands of Highland Park and Detroit residents became excited and started gathering to participate in what Ramzu Yunus called “Black Independence Day”. It was explained to the people that if they voted for independence then they would be granted free housing once independence was won with enough votes.

Ramzu Yunus and fellow Human Rights Policy Officers have been educating the public about their right of self-determination and how asserting it can get them immediate free housing.

That is how asserting the right of self-determination works and there is nothing that the government can lawfully do to stop an area from being taken under independent African American control. However, fearing the devastating loss of power into Black hands in Detroit the area and its domino effect nationwide, the federal government stepped in an unleashed violent repression and illegal defamation to stop the people of Detroit and Highland Park from enjoying their right.

They utilized the news media to label the human rights action and resulting free housing as a scam though they never revealed what the people were being scammed out of. Local personalities such as Joanna Underwood, Sam Riddle, and homosexual activist Meeko Williams attacked the human rights activist by calling names. It is alleged that they were influenced by jealousy and/or collaboration with the government as it is known that Riddle compromised with the government years earlier during his legal troubles that landed him in prison. Neither the government nor these local personalities could provide any legal position proving that Ramzu Yunus and Human Rights Policy Officers were wrong. When confronted on Facebook about the contradiction her opposition to Yunus helping Detroit residents enjoy their human rights and free housing, Joanna Underwood could only respond with: “He is not even from Detroit”.

“Everyone in Detroit could have been enjoying free housing and the blight problem solved by now if the people understood their human rights and were not deceived by the same criminal government that stole hundreds of millions from them and illegally evicted hundreds of thousands of us. Now immigrants are coming in utilizing less powerful rights to seize housing for free. Besides the government, the blame is on Detroit residents who collaborated with the government against the people receiving free housing and the blame is on local Black organizations who know we are right but refuse to stand with us to help the hundreds of thousands of dispossessed homeless people in their own city,” said Yunus.

Will local organizations such as New Era Detroit move beyond the self-determination slogans of “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “all power to the people”, and start helping the people to have power by asserting the right of self-determination?

New Era Detroit has shown great mobilizing ability but have yet to stand for the most important human right of self-determination to easily end all injustice in the city.

Detroit residents like all other Afrodescendants in the United States do have the right of self-determination and can lawfully take over the entire city and its assets via a vote for independence. Maybe now Detroiters will act upon their human rights since immigrants are seizing homes using less powerful local codes. Human Rights Policy Officers welcome Detroit residents to call the Human Rights Law Center hot-line (888.999.6530) and visit the Republic of Detroit website to register if they are ready to assert their right of self-determination and receive free housing and other benefits.

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