V for Victory! – Venezuela Crisis Ends. Free credits to all citizens

Afrodescendant and indigenous community leadership from the United States unites with the people of Venezuela with humanitarian intervention to bring an end to the current economic crisis. Leadership from the USA pledges to overcome or dismantle sanctions and dedicate to Venezuela the 120 billion dollars they spend annually on petroleum as well as other revenue from the sanction-free global trading of Venezuelan petroleum.

Ramzu Yunus in one of many Zoom video meetings with Wills Rangel

The People trust organization, based in the United States with an office in Venezuela, will trade Venezuelan petroleum and share the profits directly with The People of Venezuela. Venezuelans are being called to immediately register online for a free account that is instantly credited with 100,000 units which may be initially limited in usage at 1,000 per month. These units of US dollar value are to be used to purchase goods from selected markets in the country that distribute products availed by The People attained from petroleum sales. Besides the funds in the account, those who register are given a beneficiary stock share in The People trust company which is equally owned by all.

This initiative was started by The People’s trustee Ramzu Yunus after several meetings with PDVSA external director and labor union leader Wills Rangel. Ramzu Yunus is a friend of Venezuelans for many years having met previously with President Hugo Chavez, finance minister Ali Rodriguez, foreign affairs vice minister Reinaldo Bolivar and other officials and community activists.

Ramzu Yunus with President Hugo Chavez

Ramzu Yunus says “it is now time to bring the global united socialist economic empowerment vision of President Hugo Chavez to fruition. All of the people can be wealthy from national resources.” With that vision in mind, the world economic social reset wallet app; RESET was created to distribute the wealth of the world to The People of the world instead of a few “global elite”.

Mobile phone screenshot of RESET account

Yunus stated that “it is far more beneficial to go ahead and give huge petroleum profits to the people instead of hostile foreign influence trying to install a puppet regime that will give the wealth to foreign corporations and symbolic crumbs to the citizens”.

Ramzu Yunus meeting with Venezuelan finance minister Ali Rodriguez and vice foreign affairs minister Reinaldo Bolivar

Venezuelans are enthusiastic about this program. Petroleum industry workers are amongst the first registering as such a program is sure to bring PDVSA back to full operations and end the unemployment crisis. This is a non-governmental humanitarian intervention powered by united peoples of the world though Ramzu Yunus is confident that the Venezuela government will play a supporting role to make sure this program is a success. Local Venezuelan trustee of The People; Fidel Hernandez and team are on-ground helping to facilitate this great wealth distribution. Register at www.worldreset.money 

Bolivian President Evo Morales with The People trustee Fidel Hernandez

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