Humanitarian Intervention: Free Homes For All In Detroit

Despite the fact that local activist and world celebrities have been protesting in Detroit for years about human rights violations, they have failed to assert the simple solution. The water shut-offs, the illegal evictions and government corruption can easily be stopped and reversed while all of the hundreds of thousands of empty properties can be given to the people for free. Also city assets can be leveraged and all adults receive grants/monetary reparations. That all can happen instantly via asserting the human right of self-determination. Unfortunately the people of Detroit do not even know that they have this right, but that is changing.

Human Rights Policy Officers have been in Detroit for six years trying to teach residents that they have the human right of self-determination and by that right, they can take independent control over the city including taking possession of empty city properties for free. The population of Detroit do not know their rights and are not used to getting anything good for free so they were easily tricked by corrupt government into thinking that free homes via human rights was a scam. The ironic part of that story is that money was never asked from anyone only that they assert their rights by a special vote.

The US Senate “Church Committee” hearing about “Operation Mockingbird” in 1975 proved that the government illegally uses the mainstream news media such as Fox and CBS to spread lies in order to stop public support for movements or activists that are not in agreement with corrupt government. The news media was used to trick residents of Detroit into not asserting their human rights against corrupt government.

Massive voting/referendum rallies were held in Detroit which attracted the interest of hundreds of thousands of Detroit residents. Corrupt government became alarmed as they know that political power is in the hands of the people who can lawfully overthrow a government in a matter of minutes if enough people assemble. Of course enough people would assemble because they were informed that they can have all empty properties for free plus grants if they stand and assert their rights. So the corrupt government went into panic mode and violated the law in numerous ways. Such ways included using the media for defamation by calling the event a scam and the key organizer a scammer. The police were used numerous times to block people from participating and use violence to disperse the crowd including arbitrary arrests. Last year police were caused to retreat after acknowledging their own unlawfulness as seen in this video:

Local Detroit and federal government panicked when they witnessed people gathering to use their power to replace them. Unlawful repression was used which caused government to lose any legal standing.

Human Rights Policy Officers consulted with international legal professionals and decided to unilaterally declare independence for the people of Detroit. Because of continued human rights abuses and unlawful political repression, they have called a number of armed officers to exercise humanitarian intervention in Detroit. This intervention entails putting those in need into empty properties and stopping any agent of corrupt government from harassing or trying to put the residents out of homes. Volunteers are asked to stand in defense of their city as stopping human rights violations is the duty and responsibility of all members of the community. “Residents actually have a right to defend themselves by any means from government operatives trying to evict them because asserting the right of self-determination not only includes the authority to possess properties but puts residents outside of the jurisdiction of such operatives” says Human Rights Policy Officer Ramzu Yunus who was not charged after he shot a firearm at operatives who came to a property that was occupied by the human rights group. The Eurasian Observatory for Democracy and Elections (EODE) has observers from numerous countries monitoring these affairs in Detroit to validate the lawful actions of Human Rights Policy Officers and so that the actions of corrupt government can be spotlighted and treated accordingly.

Human Rights Policy Officers engaged in humanitarian intervention ending the housing crisis caused by corrupt government.

Detroit residents who are interested in free homes and grants are asked to call the Human Rights Law Center (888.999.6530) as well as apply and learn more via the Republic of Detroit website ( All residents of Detroit should at least listen in on a web conference instead of remaining ignorant of their rights and easily victimized. Residents can join the conference every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by simply clicking the following link at 8pm EST:

Detroit police retreat after conflict with Human Rights Policy Officers.

“Contrary to assumptions, justice and prosperity are free if people know their rights and stand up to assert them. Homes will be allocated to the people of Detroit for free. That is their right and we will stop anyone who tries to unlawfully intervene. Lives are being destroyed due to homelessness and illegal government actions so we do not have time to play the political activists protest games nor depend on voting when we have our right of self-determination. Why play around and allow a corrupt regime to exist that stole over $600 million in false taxation and illegally evicted hundreds of thousands of people?”, remarked Human Rights Policy Officer Ramzu Yunus.

Ramzu Yunus speaks at a press conference held in downtown Detroit at the Coleman Young building to warn the illegitimate government of consequences if they continued their illegal actions.
Armed Human Rights Officers will be on ground as Detroit residents assemble on September 17, 2022 at the Coleman Young Municipal Center to express their consent and receive free homes.
Detroit can easily become such a scene if the government tries to continue to oppose the right of self-determination and deny free housing.

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  • September 9, 2022 at 7:41 pm

    I Daniel Gutridge Sr
    As a human rights policy officer I refuse to stand by while the citizens of Detroit is in a humanitarian crisis. When there is laws on humanitarian intervention.


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