One Vote That Will End USA Hegemony

Is it possible that one simple vote can bring down the world superpower? Will United States’ unipolar world domination end by way of paper instead of bombs?

Luc Michel of the Eurasian Observatory for Democracy and Elections once stated that “referendums are the weapons of the oppressed.” It is via referendums for independence that oppressed people can lawfully abolish an oppressive government. Asserting the right of self-determination is the recommended action especially when the oppressed people have been conquered, enslaved and colonized by an occupying or foreign people.

Luc Michel is seen here with the head of Donetsk People’s Republic; Denis Vladimirovich Pushilin

Over one hundred years ago American president Woodrow Wilson championed the right of self-determination. As the president championed the right of self-determination, the man who served as his Secretary of State spoke against it. Robert Lansing lamented,  “The phrase is simply loaded with dynamite… What a calamity that the phrase was ever uttered! What misery it will cause!” He should have worried since the United States was built upon and is sustained by the forcible denial of the right of self-determination of two peoples within its territory. Those peoples are Afrodescendants and the indigenous people. Currently the Afrodescendants are almost ten times the number of the indigenous due to the extent of genocide committed by the United States government upon the natives.

If Afrodescendants decided to assert their human right of self-determination then they would independently control approximately 1200 areas within the United States. Such would be a critical hit to the power and territorial integrity of the United States government.

This critical hit is now being advocated and supported by the Eurasian Observatory for Democracy and Elections (EODE) led by Luc Michel in alliance with Human Rights Policy Officers on ground within the United States. “The synergy of the EODE and Human Rights Policy Officers has created an unstoppable force guaranteed to bring change in the United States and consequently the whole world order,”  says Ramzu Yunus who founded the Human Rights Policy Officers organization.

Ramzu Yunus is seen here with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Human Rights Policy Officers have unilaterally declared independence in Detroit after organizing a number of referendums that rallied hundreds of thousands of residents but were violently suppressed by government. The United States government fears the Afrodescendants of Detroit exercising their right of self-determination and it fears that the example will inspire Afrodescendants throughout the country to do the same. This will cause a drastic diminishing of authority and transfer of power never witnessed in the United States since its declaration of independence and consequent revolutionary war.

Ramzu Yunus at a press conference as Human Rights Policy Officers declare independence and liberation war against those who attempt to forcibly deny that human right.

This great new revolution is now well underway in the United States. With the formation of the Republic of Detroit, momentum is gaining that will actualize the breakdown of United States influence. After studying the situation in Detroit, lawyer Luc Michel of the Eurasian Observatory for Democracy and Elections has verified the Republic of Detroit’s legitimacy and is advocating for its recognition as Human Rights Policy Officers gradually take control of the former USA city. Now the human rights group and EODE are organizing a nationwide vote for Afrodescendants throughout the United States.

Luc Michel and Ramzu Yunus have also established the North Atlantic Peace Organization which is a global political and military alliance purposed to ensure respect for human rights as well as foster peace and prosperity. The Republic of the United States, which was founded upon self-determination, must now yield some of its power to a new republic founded upon the human right of self-determination. A peaceful multipolar world is finally being realized.

One thought on “One Vote That Will End USA Hegemony

  • December 8, 2022 at 2:52 pm

    The day is finally going to be realized when we truly are independent free and back in power. As it is stated and wished upon in the New Atlanta Charter. Reaffirmed and signed by US President Joe Biden June 2021. Asserting your RIGHT OF SELF-DETERMINATION is the key.


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