An unpleasant seat of corruption

Different municipalities nationwide have been exposed and charged for running extensive towing scams on their populaces. One particular case in a small town has attracted the attention of an international human rights organization that vows to turn the city government into an example for defeating such corruption nationwide.

This recent case started in Seat Pleasant, Maryland when a parked vehicle was illegally towed by the town’s police. After being showed that the act was in clear violation of state codes and the US constitution, the police and city officials continue to illegally hold the vehicle at a tow yard.

“The United States Constitution states, a citizen of the US does not have to register their vehicle and tags are voluntary for theft deterrent. I traveled out of the country so I parked my vehicle at the home of a family member until my return. On April 17, the family member contacted me to say Officer Harmon, badge 0156 thought my vehicle was stolen even though it had not been reported stolen. Once it was confirmed that my vehicle in fact belonged to me, he stated he would give me 24 hours to move it. However, even though my name shows as the owner, he stated it is not currently registered. I informed Harmon of the law yet he still illegally impounded my vehicle,” stated towing victim Angela Williams who is currently traveling outside of the country.

Mrs Williams contacted Human Rights Policy Officers organization about the issue which stated that they are familiar with such towing practices which have become an income generating scam for many cities. It has been happening in small towns as well as big cities such as Detroit where the federal authorities performed a raid on government offices.

An officer from Human Rights Policy Officers informed us that they had spoken with the Seat Pleasant mayor Kelly Porter on a number of occasions but he seems to be stalling as if involved in the illegal towing scheme.

After establishing the fact that the towing action was a constitutional as well as a human right to property violation, the question to the mayor is will he reverse the action and stop it from happening in the future.

In the meantime, Angela Williams has begin filing a lawsuit and promises to engage in an extensive campaign along with Human Rights Policy Officers to expose and stop this illegal towing practice starting in Seat Pleasant.

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