Free Homes For All In Detroit: Human Rights Ends Crisis

What would you do if you knew that asserting a basic human right would get you a free home or erase the amount owed for the home you are paying for? That is exactly what could happen if you assert your right of self-determination.

The right of self-determination gives the African American community the ability to take political control over any area upon which they live without any sanction from current government since current government is by default and never was the choice of the formerly enslaved. In a majority African American city such as Detroit, the collective can simply unify their consent to independence and take charge of the whole city. “I know that we are not accustomed to such actions but it is the law and the only guaranteed way to end the economic and housing crisis we are in which will only get worse,” says Human Rights Policy Officer Ramzu Yunus.

Humanitarian intervention underway in Detroit where no resident has to be homeless if they participate.

Human Rights Policy Officers are teaching Detroit residents about their right of self-determination and helping residents to enjoy this right after they unilaterally declared independence of Detroit (now the Republic of Detroit) on July 4, 2021. The Detroit Free Housing Authority has been created to manage the allocation of free properties to residents. Illegitimate government is in opposition to the action and have hired at least eight attorneys to try to find a legal way to stop it though it is impossible to lawfully stop people from asserting their right of self-determination. Illegitimate government has turned to unlawful defamation utilizing the media to call it a scam in order to discourage residents from exercising their right. Still Human Rights Policy Officers continue and have warned that any physical interference will be lawfully dealt with which includes armed conflict.

Here Ramzu Yunus is speaking at a press conference held by Human Rights Policy Officers to warn against any interference or violations of the people’s human rights.

Residents in need of free housing are encouraged to call the Human Rights Law Center (888.999.6530) to learn more and be allocated a property. Also any concerned community members are encouraged to assist in this humanitarian intervention and to call for information on getting involved. The Republic of Detroit’s website is on which residents should register their consent and for a home.

2 thoughts on “Free Homes For All In Detroit: Human Rights Ends Crisis

  • September 27, 2022 at 5:30 pm

    I truly hope that the residents of the Republic of Detroit thoroughly understands that. THE RIGHT OF SELF-DETERMINATION IS THE KEY TO THEIR PROSPERITY. It will put an in to all the atrocities being committed against our people by this local government and governments around the country. This is your opportunity family to put it into it all. THE RIGHT OF SELF-DETERMINATION

  • September 29, 2022 at 6:47 am

    Thank you✊🏿


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