USA admits powerlessness against threat

The United States government has often used human rights to legitimize its military intervention against other national governments that it did not like. Now the tables are turning in what their intelligence workers call the most “strange” way.

A recently published government intelligence report warned the United States officials that their country could easily become destabilized by the actions of a human rights activist named Ramzu Yunus with the support of the Russian government along with operations led by Luc Michel such as “Russophere”.

The United States could easily become “destabilized” because the struggle to assert the human right of self-determination for African Americans is a lawful way for them to take independent control over many parts of the country. Asserting that right gives Russia and others a legal avenue to intervene in American affairs to assist the independence movement initiated by Yunus.

Ramzu Yunus has been active in numerous cities throughout the United States educating Afrodescendants about their right of self-determination and organizing independence referendums.

“If any Afrodescendant (African American) person in the United States knew that it only takes a simple action to end oppression overnight and they could receive reparations and free housing then that person would be willing to perform that simple action,” says Yunus.

That simple action is voting for Afrodescendant independent control over all areas in which they live in a majority. That is a way for Afrodescendants to assert their human right of self-determination and cannot be lawfully opposed by the United States government. With promised policies such as all housing becoming free, participation of the poor and marginalized is guaranteed. The concept has been proven by Ramzu Yunus and fellow Human Rights Policy Officers in places such as Jackson, Mississippi and Detroit where tens of thousands of people were instantly mobilized. Those actions to enjoy the right of self-determination suffered heavy unlawful political repression from the United States government for reasons that were mentioned in their intelligence report.

The United States government has used the media to issue warnings about Ramzu Yunus because asserting the right of self-determination can easily end the government’s control over African American communities throughout the country.

Politico, America’s leading political news outlet and Europe’s number one rated media, stated that what Ramzu Yunus is doing is “the future of information warfare” and quoted government intelligence words that it “is an ‘easily replicable framework’ that could ‘snowball’ and potentially destabilize populations across the country.”

American intelligence agents acknowledge the legality of Yunus’s actions but are sure that such actions will destabilize the country. Being lawfully powerless against such a human rights action, they have relegated to labeling it Russian disinformation without explaining exactly which part of his human rights advocacy is disinformation. America’s most popular African American human rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr., and others were called “communist” in order to cause the public to ignore and even turn against them.

The report also mentioned the North Atlantic Peace Organization (NAPO) which was created by and is headed by Ramzu Yunus and Luc Michel. It warned that the actions of NAPO in Africa is disrupting relations between Africans and their former colonizers. The reparations movement and its mobile phone application that was created by Yunus is causing the populations of Francophone Africa to register their participation against neocolonialism. “If the population of any African country unites behind the reparations issue then we have the power to immediately takeover all high revenue earning entities owned by the former colonial power’s corporations. These corporations earn enough revenue to repair the poverty that Africans suffer from,” says Ramzu Yunus.

Luc Michel, seen here with the head of the Donetsk Republic, specializes in monitoring independence referendums.

Will labeling human rights advocacy as “disinformation” cause the violated people to stop asserting their rights or will the information being shared by Yunus cause populations to take action and bring violations to an end?

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